Animal Bites
For animal bites on people, rabies quarantine, and inspection please call Elgin-St. Thomas Public Health at 519-631-9900. Keep current records on your pets and ensure that these records are accessible.
Barking Dogs
For reporting a barking dog outside of office hours, please call St. Thomas City Police at 519-631-1364.
Community Cat Program
If you see a cat outside with part of its left ear removed or altered this indicated that the cat is a free-living cat that has been spayed/neutered to control population. This is part of a TNR (trap, neuter, return) program. Please do not re-trap these cats and bring them into the shelter. They should be left alone to live their lives as they are unadoptable, and happier if people do not bother them. They also prevent other cats from moving into the neighbourhood.

Cat Colony Care Takers and Barns Needed
We need colonies, and barns to place unadoptable/feral cats. The cats are spayed/neutered and have their shots. Food and housing will be provided as donations are available for the colonies (only). Volunteers needed, for more information please email
Dead Animal Pick Up on City Right of Way
For dead animal pick up from City boulevards only, please call Customer Service at 519-631-1680, press 0.
Neglected or Abused Animals
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If you would like to report a case of animal abuse or neglect please call Ontario Animal Protection at 1-833-926-4625. If you feel that the situation is an emergency that must be dealt with immediately call the police at 519-631-1364.
Surrendering Your Pet
If you need to surrender your pet please be aware there is a $50 charge per animal. We accept dogs from St. Thomas, Aylmer and the Townships of Central Elgin, Malahide and Southwold. Only cats from St. Thomas will be accepted when room permits. We also have a cat waiting list which you can be placed on to bring in a cat as soon as room is available, if there is no room at the time of your inquiry. 

Please fill out the application. Animal Services will contact you after reviewing it to discuss next steps.

Any vet records, and information you can give us regarding the surrendered animal is key to finding a new home for your pet. Please consider professional behaviour advice/services for a pet that has a behaviour problem that you are having difficulty dealing with. In some cases undiscovered medical conditions can cause a pet's negative behaviour, and should always be ruled out as a cause for the behaviour. We highly recommend contacting rescue groups first to see if they would be able to take in your animal, see the Rescue Resources page for a list of rescue groups.

We reserve the right to refuse any owner surrender.
Volunteer Program
We accept volunteers 18 years of age or older OR 14 years of age and registered at a local secondary school. A satisfactory criminal record check is required prior to starting. If you are interested please fill out an application and return it to the City Animal Services Centre.
Wildlife Information
City Animal Services will pick up sick or injured raccoons on city property only. Wildlife on private property must be dealt with by a pest control company.

Elgin Pest Control - 519-637-3988
Pest Control Service - 519-633-7378
Wild Things Wildlife Control - 519-435-1470

If you find orphaned, sick or injured wild life please contact either Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation or Salt Haven Rehabilitation.

Wildlife Information provided by Carol Clarke, Wildlife Rehabilitator.

Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation also accepts non-clumping clay litter and puppy chow. Please call Carol at 519-868-1937 to arrange for pick-up.
Stray Cats and Dogs

Stray dogs or cats found in the City of St. Thomas can be picked up by any resident and delivered to The City Animal Services Centre to be sheltered. No feral cats will be accepted. All stray cats must be friendly and able to be handled by humans.

Dogs and cats may be reclaimed by an owner with proper payment of the redemption fee. Redemption fees cover impound charges and board (of every day including part of a day). If a dog or cat is not claimed within 72 hours of impound the owner forfeits the pet and all rights to it. All unclaimed pets beyond the redemption period are screened for temperament and health.

Staff members may be away from the shelter throughout the day. It is best to call ahead and set up a time to drop in. Call 519-631-7430 to make an appointment.

Animal Rescue Resources

Animal Rescue Resources

St. Thomas Rescue Groups

All Breed Canine Rescue - dogs and cats available to adopt or foster
Animal Aide - cats available to adopt or foster
Pet Friends 4 Life - cats available to adopt or foster

Partners in Rescue

Animalert - dogs and cats available to adopt or foster
Gentle Jake's Coonhound Rescue - coonhounds available to adopt or foster
Golden Rescue - golden retrievers available to adopt or foster
Holly's Hope - cats available to adopt or foster
Labrador Retriever Adoption Services Inc. - labs available to adopt or foster
Paws United Dog Rescue - dogs available to adopt
Second Chance Auction Animal Rescue - cats and dogs available to adopt or foster
Speaking of Dogs - dogs available to adopt or foster
East Village Animal Hospital - veterinary services for low income individuals, those on social assistance, animal rescue groups, human societies and municipal shelters
Hoppy Hearts Rabbit Rescue - domestic rabbits available to adopt or foster

St. Thomas Dog Owners Association

St. Thomas Dog Owners Association, STDOA, promotes off leash dog parks and supports responsible dog ownership and the welfare of dogs. For further information on the St. Thomas Dog Owners Association, please contact them via email.

The St. Thomas Dog Owners Association has partnered with the Caring Cupboard Food Bank in St. Thomas to create the Caring Pet Cupboard to provide an easy network to collect and distribute pet food donations to people who need it.