Special Need Child

A child who has special needs means a child whose cognitive, physical, social emotional or communicative needs, or whose needs relating to overall development, are of such a nature that additional supports are required for the child.

Resource Consultants

Special Needs Resourcing funding is used to support the inclusion of children with special needs under 13 years of age in licensed child care settings, including home child care, and for children with special needs in camps and children’s recreation programs, at no additional cost to parents / guardians. These supports include the services of a resource teacher/consultant and/or supplemental staff where necessary. Resource teachers/consultants typically provide a wide range of services and supports for children with special needs and their families. They may support several children in multiple locations and can also provide professional learning experiences for individuals working with children with special needs in licensed child care settings, camps and children’s recreation programs. These supports may include providing child care staff with program adaptation strategies and professional development, supporting the development of individualized support plans (per Ontario Regulation 137/15 – see section 52), conducting developmental screens, providing referrals to community agencies, providing information and resources for parents and obtaining specialized equipment as required.

Program Assistants

Program Assistant funding is provided to licensed child care centres, licensed home child care, before and after school programs, children’s camps and authorized recreational and skill building programs for the operator to hire additional staff to work in the program. This funding is made available to support inclusion, while implementing a plan of support for the program. These additional staff work in conjunction with regular program staff and the Resource Consultant to meet the needs of children with special needs.

Contact Information

In the City of St. Thomas and Elgin County, Special Needs Resourcing supports are provided by All Kids Belong, a program of Merrymount Children's Centre.  A family or service provider can make a referral to the program by contacting All Kids Belong at 519-434-6848 ext. 270 or sending an email. The Resource Consultant assigned to the child’s program will discuss the situation with the parent/caregiver and explore the support options available.