St. Thomas Area Secondary Water Supply System (EMPS and Transmission Mains)

In November 1998, the Ministry of the Environment transferred  the pumping station and the transmission main to a Joint Board of Management consisting of the City of St. Thomas, the Municipality of Central Elgin and the Township of Southwold.

The City of St. Thomas was delegated as the Administrating Municipality for the St. Thomas Area Secondary Water Supply System.

The St. Thomas Secondary Water Supply System receives water from the Elgin Area Water Treatment Plant which is sent to the Elgin-Middlesex Pumping Station (EMPS) and then enters the transmission main of the St. Thomas Area Secondary System. For more information on the construction, capacity, function and location of the Secondary System please see Report ES109-15  in the October 22 Agenda  of the Joint Board of Management meeting.

The cost of supplying water services through the St. Thomas Secondary Water Supply System is recovered through the blended supply rate, which forms part of the St. Thomas and Suburban Service Area Rate. An updated rate study has been prepared by City Staff, and recommended a water rate forecast for the period of 2021-2031. Please review the Water Rate Study for more information.

The Joint Board of Management meets periodically throughout the year. The Agendas and Minutes from these meetings can be found below.