Special Needs Resourcing funds are used to purchase the services of resource teachers for children with special needs in child care programs and private-home day care. Resource teachers assist child care providers in the assessment of children with special needs, in preparing individual program plans for the children, and in providing support to the child's regular caregiver in developing and carrying out daily activities in accordance with these plans.

To assist the individual child within the larger group, resource teachers may work with several children in more than one location; they also work with parents to ensure a consistent expectation and approach for the child.

In Elgin County, All Kids Belong supports the inclusion of children with physical, emotional, developmental and behavioural challenges in licensed child care programs, nursery schools, Ontario Early Years Centres, before and after school programs and licensed High Five recreation summer camps. The resource teachers at All Kids Belong can help your child transition from one child care centre to another or into school. All Kids Belong also offer parenting information and workshops and can connect families to our community resources.

All Kids Belong is a program of Merrymount Children's Centre.