The Community Improvement Plan provides policies to enable Council to offer financial incentives to private property owners in the City of St. Thomas. These incentives are intended to encourage property owners to improve the appearance of their lands and buildings in accordance with guidelines adopted by Council.  The incentives help offset a portion of project costs related to redevelopment, reuse and rehabilitation of the built environment and brownfield remediation.  

The Project Area has recently been expanded to include a 'City Wide Community Improvement Area,' 'Primary Community Improvement Area,' and 'Secondary Community Improvement Area.'

Please refer to the complete application package below for details about the nine financial incentive programs.

Please note that all CIP financial programs are subject to the availability of funds within the City's CIP budget and projects are processed on a first come, first served basis.

St. Thomas Community Improvement Plan

By-law 91-2021 -To Adopt a Community Improvement Plan
By-law 90-2021 - To designate a Community Improvement Project Area

Application Package

CIP Application Form