Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001 (ODA)

The purpose of the ODA is to improve opportunities for people with disabilities and to provide for their involvement in the identification, removal and prevention of barriers to their full participation in the life of the Province of Ontario.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA)

The purpose of the AODA is to achieve a fully accessible Ontario by 2025. The AODA is made up of five standards including: Customer Service, Information and Communication, Employment, Transportation, and the Built Environment.

Accessibility Technical Committee (ATC)

The Accessibility Technical Committee consists of six members from various departments in the City. The Committee works with MAAC toward the improvement of accessibility issues in the City and reports directly to the City Manager. Committee members meet regularly to discuss issues, provide updated information on accessibility initiatives and suggestions to the City Manager.

ATC Committee Members

Carrie Leach, Safety & Disability Manager, Human Resources 
Jon Hindley, Manager of Legislative Services / Deputy City Clerk (Secretary)
Angelo DiCicco, Chief Building Official
Dan Koppert, Manager, Capital Works 
Heather Robinson, Chief Librarian
George Lovelady, Valleyview
Matt Byl, Manager, Facilities

Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee (MAAC)

Municipalities of 10,000 or more residents are required to establish or continue an Accessibility Committee. This Committee advises Council about the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of its accessibility plan.

MAAC Committee Members for St. Thomas

CouncillorRose Gibson
Catherine Topping
Sheila Rodaway
Amanda Stark 
Sarah Savoie
Ed Vandermaarel
John Allen
Michelle Sylvester
Joe Docherty Jr. 

Corporate Accessibility Policy

The City must develop, implement and maintain policies governing how the organization achieves or will achieve accessibility through meeting its requirements referred to in the Integrated Standards Regulation. This Corporate Accessibility Policy has been reviewed and approved by the Accessibility Technical Committee, department heads, the Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee and Council. It is available in multiple formats upon request.

St. Thomas Corporate Accessibility Policy

2023 City of St. Thomas Municipal Accessibility Plan

The Accessibility Plan is intended to address existing barriers to people with disabilities and to prevent new barriers from being established.

 2023 Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Standards - Customer Service

The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (Ontario Regulation 429/07) came into force on January 1, 2008. As a public service organization designated in the Regulation, the City must comply with the standards by January 1, 2010. The Regulation outlines activities that the City must do in order to ensure that the City is providing accessible customer service to people with various kinds of disabilities.

Documents produced by City employees are available upon request, subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

When providing a document to a person with a disability, the City will provide the document, or the information contained in the document, in a format that takes the person's disability into account.

City of St. Thomas Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

Feedback Form

The City will arrange for or provide accessible formats and communication supports with respect to feedback processes, upon request. 

Complaint/Suggestion Form

Business Compliance with Accessibility Standards