Risk of Frozen Water Lines

With our area currently experiencing extremely cold temperatures, water lines may be at a risk of freezing. 

For pipes with a high risk of freezing, please consider implementing the following tips immediately:

  • Run the cold water tap through this cold snap.  The stream should be the size of a pencil lead.  You will be responsible for the cost of water used, but this may prevent larger plumbing expenses, and keep pipes from freezing.
  • Open kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinet doors (where pipes are located) to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing.

To further reduce the risk of frozen water pipes, we also suggest:

  • Disconnecting and draining all outdoor hoses
  • Sealing air leaks in your home and garage.
  • If you are going away, keep some heat on in the house.
  • If you plan to turn your heat off, drain all water from pipes, toilets and water heater, and close your water shut off (at the street).

Please note, the City of St. Thomas is not responsible for frozen water lines on private property.