St. Thomas 2046: Official Plan Update
& Urban Design Guidelines

Shaping Growth

The City of St. Thomas is reviewing and updating its Official Plan (OP) and developing city-wide urban design guidelines. The Official Plan is a document containing the goals and policies that guide growth, economic development, and the protection of historic buildings and natural heritage features across the city. The Official Plan is being updated with a view to planning for the next 25 years of growth in St. Thomas. Urban Design Guidelines are detailed design guidance for all development areas.

The Official Plan will be updated with information from a range of background studies and input from the community to help us understand the future of growth and development in St. Thomas. The Official Plan will also look at many things such as what type of housing is needed and where, where jobs should be located, how to support and enhance the downtown, and the potential impacts of climate change on our infrastructure and communities.

We know that community members from across the city are passionate about helping us create a resilient, thriving community and future. We look forward to engaging with you as we shape the future of growth in St. Thomas. Please visit this site regularly to learn more about the project updates and opportunities to participate. 


View the June 27, 2023 Virtual Open House Presentation Here

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St. Thomas Urban Design Guidelines - Draft Document- March 2024

For questions or comments about these updates please email [email protected].