General Questions

Who is the Railway City Transit Operator?

The St. Thomas Transit Service is operated by Voyago, a Transdev company. Their local office is located at 612 Talbot Street, St. Thomas. The telephone number is 519-631-0001. Driver concerns should be directed to this office.

How do I board the bus?

Be at the stop 5 minutes before your scheduled bus arrival.

When at the stop be near the curb, in plain sight of the driver. Drivers may not see you and could pass the stop.

Have your cash, ticket or pass ready. Remember drivers do not make change so exact fare is required.

Can I smoke on the bus?

No, smoking is prohibited on the buses, at the hub or in the bus shelters. 

Can my child ride the bus in a stroller?

No, to ensure safety to all passengers, children must be removed from strollers and the stroller must be collapsed to fit between seats. Non collapsible strollers are prohibited. For safety reasons, children capable of sitting on their own must sit on a seat and not on an adults lap.

Non-collapsible strollers/wagons/bikes/grocery carts/bundle buggies/etc. are prohibited.

What can I carry on the bus?
  • Say good bye to the two bag limit. Riders can now travel with easy to carry items where drivers have discretion to prohibit extensive items.
  • Riders need to be able to swiftly load, unload and manage all their carry-on items by themselves. If you need help with your carry-on bring your support person to handle them for you. The drivers are not required to assist.
  • Non-collapsible bundle buggies/strollers/grocery carts/wagons are prohibited.
  • Collapsible items should be folded down and securely stowed during the rider without interfering/blocking aisles.
  • Backpacks/skateboards/packages/parcels/etc. must not block the aisles or occupy a seat.
Can my service animal or other pet ride along with me?

Service animals are welcome. Pets are not allowed on Railway City Transit (RCT) Services. 

What if I need to transfer?

Transfers on Railway City Transit (RCT) buses are free.  Transfers are issued only upon request at the time a fare is paid. They can only be used to complete a one-way trip. They last 60 minutes. If a paper transfer is not issued it is because the driver has communicated with the other drivers to ensure a bus is at the transfer hub so you can complete your trip.

Expired paper transfers are not accepted. RCT is not responsible for lost, stolen or mutilated transfers.